Application Deadline: Mon 24th Jun 2019

Salary Scale: Kshs 127,110.00 to Kshs 189,200.00
House Allowance: Kshs 60,000.00
Commuter Allowance: Kshs 20,000.00

Job Description

The Chief Officer shall be the accounting and authorized officer, and shall be responsible to the respective County Executive Committee Member for:

  i.      Day to day administration of the department;

  ii.      Providing strategic policy direction for effective service delivery within the department;

iii.       Implementation of policies and programs within the department;

iv.       Development and implementation of the County strategic plans and sector development goals;

   v.      Promote National Values and Principles of Governance and Values and Principles of Public Service as outlined in Article 10 & 232 of the

           Constitution of Kenya 2010.

Job Qualifications

Requirements for appointment 

  i.      Be a Kenyan citizen;

  ii.     Be a holder of at least Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field from a University recognized in Kenya;

iii.       Demonstrated a thorough understanding of Nairobi City County Manifesto and CIDP;

  iv.      Have knowledge, experience and distinguished career of not less than 10 years at a senior management level;

   v.       Be a strategic thinker and result oriented;

  vi.     Demonstrated a thorough understanding and commitment to the values and principles as outlined in Articles 10 and 232 of the

           Constitution of Kenya 2010.

vii.    Ability to work in a multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity;

viii.    Proof of registration with the relevant professional body will be an added advantage.