Application Deadline: Mon 24th Jun 2019

Salary Scale: Kshs 118,290.00 to Kshs 157,160.00
House Allowance: Kshs 50,000.00
Commuter Allowance: Kshs 16,000.00

Job Description

The officer will report to Chief Officer, Finance and Budget. Specific duties include: 

   i.      Responsible for the management and coordination of the supply chain services in the county;

  ii.      Developing the County Annual Procurement Plan and ensuring adherence to it;

  iii.      Providing administrative guidelines on interpretation and implementation of Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2015 and the

           supporting regulations;

  iv.     Analyzing supply chain management policies, rules, regulations, structures and systems;

   v.     In liaison with other departments, provide guidelines on matters of procurement, contract design and implementation;

  vi.     Preparing tender documents in accordance with the Public Procurement Act 2015 and coordinating the tendering process;

vii.      Determining and proposing methods and strategies of handling the supply chain management function;

viii.      Initiating and developing supply chain management policies and performance improvement strategies that are adaptive to the

         changing environment and technology;

  ix.     Ensuring high professional supply chain management standards;

   x.        Being the Secretary to the County Tender Committee; and

  xi.        Any other duty assigned by the Chief Officer, Finance and Budget.

Job Qualifications

For appointment to this grade, an officer must have:-

   i.     Served for at least ten (10) years in Supply Chain Management or in a comparable and relevant position in the public sector;

   ii.     A Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management or comparable qualifications from a university recognized in


  iii.     Attended a Strategic Leadership Course in a recognized Institution;

  iv.      Be conversant with modern computer packages used in Supply Chain Management;

    v.     Demonstrate understanding of the Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2015 and its regulations;

  vi.      A thorough understanding of the Supply Chain Management policies, rules, regulations and other statutes that impact on

             Supply Chain Management and,

  vii.      Demonstrated a high degree of professional competence, administrative capabilities and initiative in organization and

             management of Supply Management Function.

              NB:   Possession of a relevant Master’s degree will be an added advantage.